0512 Circus Designs Vol. 1


0513 Christmas Season Designs

by Charlene Shafer


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This is a book that contains only Circus designs. Many of these designs are best used as a single motif. Try combining 2 or 3 designs for a sweater or an afghan. Use large graph paper and arrange the designs so they tell a story, or convey a message.

Patterns Included

  • Border Design (2)
  • Boy on Trapeze
  • Clown (2)
  • Clown Car
  • Clown in a Barrel
  • Corn Dog
  • Cotton Candy
  • Elephant (3)
  • Juggling Clown
  • Lion (2)
  • Mussel Man
  • Ring Master
  • Seal
  • Tiger in a Cage
  • Tiger (2),
  • Top Hat & Whip

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Design Disks are available in three different formats

  • Brother/Knitking 930 Disks: can be used on all machines KH 930 and newer.  Requires the FB100 disk drive.
  • Brother/Knitking 940 Disks: can be used on all machines KH 940 and newer.  Requires the FB100 disk drive
  • DesignaKnit CD: can be used along with DesignaKnit (.pat, .stp or both) format.  Requires the DesignaKnit software

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