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Silver Knit


The Silver Knit cable requires no other program to download designs to your Silver Reed knitting machines. Easy to use and very user friendly.

SK 830 - SK 840 - SK 860 - SA 3E

SK890 - SK 550 - SK 560 - SK 580


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99650 Silver Knit $599.00


Silver Knit Information

You can load from a CD or any file folder on your computer
Load your design directly to the Silver Knit Utility. There are several choices of types of files you can use:


DesignaKnit PAT files (*PAT) ~ Stitch Painter Brush files (*SBR)
~ DesignaKnit STP files (*STP) ~ Silver Reed PC 10Pattern files (*DAT)
~ Brother Pattern Files (*BPT) ~ Passap Creation Pattern files (*CUT)
~ Windows Bitmap files (*BMP) ~ System 90 INTO SHAPE Pattern files (*PCX)
~ Stitch Painter Pattern files (*STC) ~ CompuStrick Pattern files (*CST)

Functions available on main screen

~ Browse patterns ~ On line help
~ Name of pattern ~ Name of pattern in Silver Knit box
~ Drag and drop a pattern (in pattern field) ~ Information about Silver Knit box
~ Indication of rows, stitches and knit method ~ Start Download - Start Knitting

Functions available during download - pattern variations

~ Normal ~ Wrap
~ Double rows ~ Carriage starts left
~ Double Stitches ~ End Needle selection
~ Upside down ~ Jacquard stitch main bed only
~ Negative ~ Jacquard stitch with ribber
~ Reversed ~ Jacquard fairisle rib
~ Center ~ Set width
~ Repeat    

Functions available during knitting

~ Continuous knit ~ Row counter
~ Select row to start by mouse click ~ Point cam position
~ Show contrast color ~ Rows & stitches indication




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