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Hague Linking Machines

Thank you for browsing through the wide variety of equipment offered by the Knit Knack Shop. These are just a few of the hundreds of machines and accessories that we provide for you. If you don't see it here, please be sure to contact us via kks@knitknackshop.com  or call us at 765-985-3164. Thank you!

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Hague Linking Machines: United States Importers

Why spend hours sewing seams by hand?

Choice of electric or hand operated models!

  • Now they can be professionally linked in a fraction of the time!
  • With the new Hague linker, making up is a real pleasure and you can achieve that truly professional finish, too.
  • It's so quick and simple to use, you'll save hours of tedious hand sewing.
  • And because Hague is Britain's leading manufacturer of linkers, you can be sure that their latest model is built to the highest standards.
  • Links with a straight needle, less trouble and easier on the garment (no hook goes through the garment).

If you have a knitting machine, then you must have a Hague Linker. It joins the seams of sleeves, body, collars, bands etc. and can also be used for decorative linking.

You just place the knitting on the circular point ring, which rotates as the handle is turned (or the foot pedal is operated on the electronic version) and the seams are linked together.

It's as simple as that.

Just look at all the other features the Hague Linker includes:

  • Circular linking action links perfectly without any joints. Seams are so neat you can hardly see them.
  • Links all thicknesses, types and textures of knitting. Use the same yarn as the garment for perfect seams that will wear and stretch with it.
  • Produces exciting surface patterning with cords, braids, sequins, beads and ribbons.
  • Puts lovely professional pin tucks at your fingertips.
  • The Hague Linker is made in Britain by a company that has supplied the quality knitwear trade for over 100 years. This experience has culminated in a linker designed especially for home use to give a professional finish.
  • Robust construction ensures stability and a metal point ring with rigid points angled upwards prevents work from failing off. The point ring can be rotated to position the work at the needle. A dual measure showing both number of stitches and cms rotates with the point ring.
  • Comes complete with a point guard plus a FREE booklet on linking by Diane Bennett.


Item Number Name Price  
99420 Hague Hand Linker $795.00  

99421 Hague Electronic Linker $940.00

Other Linker Accessories and Parts

99401E Linker Needle - Electric $9.95

99401H Linker Needle - Hand $8.45

99402 Linker Spring Latch $6.00

99403 Linker Stand $125.00

99404 Hague Linker Threader $8.95

99406 Hague Linker Point Measure $9.95

99410 Heavy Duty Long Handle Cleaning Brush $15.00

Hague Linker Demonstration

5:29 minutes

Threading the Hague Linker

2:15 minutes


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